3rd Shoreham Beavers

3rd Shoreham Beaver Scouts

Beavers are our youngest members of the 3rd Shoreham troop, but being young doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of fun whilst learning learning


Some of the many activities that Beavers get a chance to do whilst at 3rd Shoreham:-

  • They go crabbing in the river
  • Boating trips up the River Adur
  • Easter bunny hunts at Hillside Camp site
  • Swimming gala
  • Lear to cook
  • Craft


At Beavers we take to have fun with all of our friends, and often have parties

  • Christmas party
  • Halloween party


  • Will learn about safety
  • They will go up to Hillside camp and learn how to see without a torch
  • There are many badgers that a Beaver can earn

Beavers will also attend St Georges Day Parade along with whole of the 3rd Shoreham Troop, we have a annual Royal Naval Inspection which they will be expected to attend.


Beavers is open to both boys and girls from the age of 6 years upwards, we meet every Tuesday evening 6pm-7pm at the Scout headquarters on Adur Recreation ground. If you've got a child that's interested in joining